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Guest Behavior Expectations and Dress Code

Senior Cotillion Guests – Inviting a guest to Cotillion dinner dances is a privilege extended to our Senior Cotillion (11th and 12 Grade) Members only.

a. Guests must pay a fee of $70 to cover the cost of the dinner. A check (no cash) and a signed Behavior Expectations Form must be mailed/received with the Member’s R.S.V.P. card by the Reservations Chair prior to the event.

b. The Senior Cotillion (11th and 12th Grade) Member must accompany his/her guest to the sign-in area. Guests must present a photo I.D. and provide an emergency contact phone number before admission to the dance.

c. Guests must be a high school student and will be required to abide by all Cotillion rules. The Senior Cotillion Member is responsible for their guest’s behavior and attire.

d. Former Members who have been removed from membership may not attend Cotillion events as a guest. If a Senior Cotillion member’s guest does not adhere to the Rules of Cotillion, the Cotillion Member will receive an infraction letter.

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